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Our SSE approach is different than the Institutional firms in a variety of ways:


Staffing: No juniors; Seniors only


Experience: Hands-on experience in all facets of marketing services; in-depth understanding of vendors/agencies


Negotiation Experience: Experienced in negotiating and implementing strategic procurement agreements from the corporate and supplier side


Historical Database: Provides an inside look at how your Marketing Services agencies and vendors run their businesses along with real-time cost and project-time benchmarks


Methodology: Consultative, Qualitative and Quantitative.  Marketing agencies/vendors require a blend of analysis; it is not a commodity


Technology: BBG utilizes the FlexRFP™ e-Sourcing Suite; an Internet-based solution that facilitates a disciplined & highly efficient approach to traditional Strategic Sourcing process that is typically done today using Excel, Word and e-mail.


Price: Great value for the money!!!